I write about environmental issues, nature and flyfishing.

I also plan to write about some of the last remaining great wilderness areas of Scandinavia and their conservation history:

1. Børgefjell National Park (Photo Gallery)

One of the first national parks established in Norway. Protected because of the untouched qualities of this large mountain area.

2. Sarek National Park - Padjelanta National Park - Rago National Park

These three national parks spans across a continuous alpine mountain area just above the arctic circle. 

3. Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area - Upper Anarjohka National Park - Lemmenjoki National Park

These areas in the interior of Finnmark and northern Finland is a vast expanse of unspoiled arctic nature.

4. Upper Pasvik National Park - Vatsari Wilderness Area 

In the border areas between Norway, Finland and Russia lies a great wilderness. These areas are part of a larger protected area entity called Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park.

5. Lomsdal Visten National Park (Photo Gallery)

This newly established national park is a rugged and somewhat inaccessible coastal mountain area in the middle of Norway. A varied place with green valleys, raging rivers and barren mountaintops.

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