Lomsdal Visten

I write about nature, flyfishing and the environment.

I'm also writing about some of the last remaining true wilderness areas of Scandinavia and their conservation history:

1. Børgefjell National Park (Photo Gallery) - Lomsdal Visten National Park (Photo Gallery)

Børgefjell is one of the first national parks established in Norway. Protected because of the untouched qualities of this large mountain area.

Lomsdal Visten is a newly established national park. It is a rugged and somewhat inaccessible coastal mountain area in the middle of Norway. A varied place with green valleys, raging rivers and barren mountaintops.

2. Sarek National Park - Padjelanta National Park - Rago National Park

These three national parks spans across a continuous alpine mountain area just above the arctic circle. 

3. Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area - Upper Anarjohka National Park - Lemmenjoki National Park

These areas in the interior of Finnmark and northern Finland is a vast expanse of unspoiled arctic nature.

4. Upper Pasvik National Park - Vatsari Wilderness Area 

In the border areas between Norway, Finland and Russia lies a great wilderness. These areas are part of a larger protected area entity called Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park.

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